An adequate product development is crucial for the success of the project globally as it has implications on the product itself while accomplishing its function but also in the tooling and production process.

The multidisciplinary team approach from the beginning and the use of the simulation tools, eventually also prototyping, supports design decisions by anticipate potential problems or leading to tool or production process efficiency.

Our team is used to develop complete products, functions or systems as well and providing expert studies for complex part feasibility proposals or design optimization for tooling improved performance for demanding customers, namely Tier One automotive suppliers.



Moulds for plastic and die cast parts are 3D projected according to our internal detailed specification or complying to customer own standards.

Rheological analysis are widely used for the definition of the injection strategy or cooling system design on the tool as well as to prevent potential defaults on the part such warpage or sinks.

  • Gas Assisted Injection
  • Bi-material
  • Insert Overmoulding
  • In Mould Labelling
  • Low Pressure


Tooling supplying is one of our core activities. We work with a stable network of tool-shops, which are selected according to the characteristics of each tool.

Codeplas is fully responsible for the tool design, planning and follow up of the manufacturing till part and tool validation.

Moulds are delivered ready for series production including with set up support at customer site if required.



The phase from first-off-tool to series production normally requires actions both in the product, the tooling or on the injection process.

Codeplas experienced team can assure the management and give the necessary support to make this process the smoothest and most efficient possible.

The level of support depends on customer needs and can be from simple reporting to full project management function.

Grippers, gauges and other peripheral equipment can also be designed and provided by Codeplas in Portugal we have our own injection centre for mould trials where the full automated process can be validated.



Our own injection centre with state of the art injection machines up to 1.100Ton and equipment allows Codeplas to perform trials or production of pre-series with excellent conditions.

Production of series is specially targeted for non-automotive clients that do not own injection facilities and wants to rely on us the full responsibility of the plastic component.

Codeplas injection team provide services such as support during process set up at customer site or process analysis and improvement and are familiar with various materials and to work with most used injection machine brands.